Regroop Online Life Coaching

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I teach clients how to reframe their circumstances in order to leverage time and resources to take action and acquire the life they want.

As a life and career coach, I help clients:

  • Discover their strengths

  • Identify and change patterns of behavior

  • Clarify and create a vision around priorities

  • Develop strategies and action plans

  • Regain their confidence

  • Find or improve relationships

  • Become more social

  • Focus on the future

I’m so much more aware of my own habits and tendencies. Before I wasn’t able to recognize these patterns of behavior and I would let them spiral out of control.
— Jacob

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Regroop Online Life Coaching

I created Regroop as a way to provide the affordable online life coaching service I wish I had in my 20’s, during that first year of marriage, that time I got divorced, through career challenges, and while I was getting comfortable in my own skin.


“I would say that working with Pricilla is like getting really good advice from someone you've known for ages. She has a way of getting to know you that feels approachable, not like you're being "talked at", and actionable.”

— Austin

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Regroop Online Life Coaching

Free Resources

These tools are designed to be used independently to help jumpstart your progress. By giving you the means to reflect on habits, you will be empowered to plan and implement small high leverage changes with big results.

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Regroop Online Life Coaching

1:1 Coaching

one-on-one online coaching sessions that are tailored to your specific needs. Enjoy the convenience of meeting from the comfort of your own home, on the go, or squeeze in a session between meetings at work.

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Regroop Online Life Coaching

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