Jacob, Florida

I was having a hard time ending a romantic relationship, and was struggling to maintain friendships. I was also dependent on stimulants to be productive…

I'm so much more aware of my own habits and tendencies. Before I wasn't able to recognize these patterns of behavior and I would let them spiral out of control. I still have trouble with these issues, but my level of awareness is so much greater than before, and I'm starting to be able to prevent some of my habits before they turn into something really ugly.

I feel like Pricilla is able to see through me completely. She can tell when I'm not being completely honest with myself and brings me back into reality. I always feel grounded after our sessions.

I've learned things about myself that I had no idea were contributing to the problems I wanted to address. If you're "on the fence" there is absolutely some shit you can deal with to improve how you feel about your situation.

Sounds strange, but I was hesitant to actually solve the problems I knew I needed to solve. I knew I had unhealthy relationships and patterns of drug use, but I didn't want to stop. After taking the plunge to seek help and talked openly about my issues I wasn't as afraid of making those changes.

She'll call you out on your shit and you'll be a better person for it, but in the most non-judgmental and open-minded way possible. She makes it clear that she's on your side and only wants to help with your situation.

I'm less afraid of myself; before, I would blindly give into temptations and that caused me to believe I had no willpower or self control. I'm better at being honest with myself and the feelings I experience. I'm better at recognizing what I want and what I don't want, especially when I feel another person may be hurt by that decision.

What’s most surprising, is the consistency in that I'll go into a session feeling I've pinpointed exactly what the problems are, and she'll see through my self-deceit instantly. At first it felt unsettling to be wrong about myself, but now I look forward to it. Finding out the truth is refreshing and grounding.

Pricilla Martinez