Austin, Illinois

I appreciate that Pricilla has the perfect balance of directness and compassion. She challenges me when I need it, and is compassionate when I need it. She also gives me actionable feedback on a weekly basis that makes change feel more achievable, step by step…When I first started, I felt like I had a very long road ahead of me and that felt daunting, but her approach makes change feel achievable.

I do not necessarily enjoy talking about my feelings, and like to think I can figure it all out on my own. Pricilla's approach has felt less like I'm being told how to fix my problems and more like we are figuring it out together. It feels very tailored to me and if something isn't working - we figure it out together. I feel stronger for seeking help, not weaker.

I would say that working with her is like getting really good advice from someone you've known for ages. She has a way of getting to know you that feels approachable, not like you're being "talked at", and actionable.

This is not like traditional therapy that I have experienced, where I often feel like I am left to figure out how to fix things on my own. There is not a lot of "how does that make you feel", but real feedback and a two-way conversation.

Pricilla Martinez