Brenda, New York

“I needed to try to understand what and how my son was feeling. He is no longer a child, but a man. Pricilla listened to my concerns and helped me and my son with our communication.

I have already recommended three people because of how promising my relationship with my son has become.

I am one stubborn woman, but Pricilla got through to me and truly helped me. My stubborn ways would not allow anyone to tell me anything about how to be a mother, but the respect I was given eased my thinking and I'm glad I gave her a chance.

I have a better understanding of my son's feelings, my son communicates with me regularly now, and I personally feel like a better mother. My son appreciates me more because I have begun to consider how HE may be feeling, which is what Pricilla recommended. My son is my world, so to have him appreciate me even more, makes me the happiest I've ever been.


Pricilla Martinez