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I teach clients how to reframe their circumstances in order to leverage time and resources to take action and acquire the life they want.

As a personal development coach, I help clients:

  • Discover their strengths

  • Identify and change patterns of behavior

  • Clarify and create a vision around priorities

  • Develop strategies and action plans

  • Regain their confidence

  • Find or improve relationships

  • Become more social

  • Focus on the future

I’m so much more aware of my own habits and tendencies. Before I wasn’t able to recognize these patterns of behavior and I would let them spiral out of control.
— Jacob

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Regroop Online Life Coaching

I created Regroop as a way to provide the affordable online life coaching service I wish I had in my 20’s, during that first year of marriage, that time I got divorced, through career challenges, and while I was getting comfortable in my own skin.